Meet Lola


Lola is a home-built mobile pizza kitchen. Beginning life as an unwanted horse box, The Fire Within saw the potential little Lola had. With months of hard work and love, Lola found a new life and new purpose.

Today Lola holds a wood fire traditional stone based pizza oven, capable of serving up our delicious natural ingredient Neapolitan-style pizzas in just 90 Seconds. Her robust and strength of her previous life means she is well equipped to be placed in a field, roadside or other surface that you may require.

Lola loves events and can be decorated  in style, from elegant flowers and country bunting to fairy lights for those cosy dark winters. Whether it’s your wedding day, a community festival or a special birthday you can be assured Lola will be dressed for the occasion and loved by all your guests.   

Want Lola to attend your next occasion?